Want to have some Social Media fun this weekend?

Earn More Money from Home!

Come visit us and join in on the fun!  Just use this link to set up a new account, it just takes a few minutes and you are ready to play!  


Xpendapalooza events are the best way for a new player to get really successful on Empire Avenue right away.  Basically, all the experience players are ready to buy your shares and give you a huge boost this weekend.  You feel very welcome and popular!

The event is only held 4 times a year, and gets better and better each time.  The admins and other players offer special missions to give you “eaves” to play with, and everyone has a fun, friendly, party attitude.


There is also a lot of benefit to joining our “Leaders” group before the event ends Sunday afternoon!  Empire Avenue is free to play, and there are ways to add to your resources by…

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