Bad Fashion: Slice The Front Off Your Skirt And Call it a Day

Great Way to make it New Again!


highlow I’ll admit, I don’t know much about fashion except for what I don’t like. And I feel strongly about what I don’t like. Why? Because it’s always about so much more than just  fashion . Apparently “high-low” skirts were particularly trendy in 2013.  (Yes, that is a link to “Seventeen” magazine.) I heard a scary rumor that these whimsical disasters will be making a comeback in the summer of 2014.

Hey, I consider myself experimental when it comes to fashion, insofar as whatever items I peel off the floor can be thrown together and considered acceptable to leave home in. And I’m not merely a fashion curmudgeon—I like a lot of recent trends. I’m down with the one-finger-of-differently-colored-nail-polish even if I don’t quite get the political implications behind it. And, most people around here (NYC) are particularly well-dressed apart from the tourists. In fact, I’ve never met so many people who have…

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