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Hundreds of SEOs jumped on board the Pinterest train to take advantage of the dofollow links and heavy traffic referrals.

Those same SEOs soon found themselves failing miserably.


Here are some interesting points from article:


***Pinterest Is A Community, Not A Tool. 


***For Starters, Pinterest Links Are Now Nofollow.


***How many times have we had similar discussions over the years? Build connections, not links. Don’t spam. Join discussions. Be present. Get followers by engaging with others. Success takes time. There are no shortcuts — only hard work.


***Use Pinterest As A Means For SEO Benefits, Not A Direct SEO Tool. 

Instead of focusing on getting links from Pinterest, focus on getting links from other Pinterest users; instead of whoring your Pinterest out for traffic, focus on accruing a targeted, interested audience.



Now here are 7 Constructive Ways For SEOs To Use Pinterest:


1) Connect with relevant users. Comment on posts, cc users with @mentions, repin original content, or “like” pins when it’s not appropriate to repin. Engage with other users as you would on any other social media site.


2) Use Pinterest for linkbuilding outreach campaigns.


3) Optimize your page to get found by other Pinterest users.


4) Expand your brand-controlled search results.


5) Focus on targeted, brand-friendly pins that will result in click-through traffic. Pin only for your target audience and pin images that encourage click-throughs.


6) Use Pinterest to curate useful content for your industry.


7) Always measure your successes and failures.


In short: Add value to the community. And for Pete’s sake, stop acting like Pinterest is your SEO godsend.



Read full article here: http://j.mp/IfyIer

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