Steve Rubel Shares Insights on the Future of Media | Edelman Digital

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Here are some of the highlights from the article:


1)Curate to dominate:

Anybody can be a curator – it’s about finding content and surfacing it. Look for multipliers that are often cited by curators, contribute to websites that have wide reach and reverberate content and explore content partnerships.

“The people who can separate the art from the junk will be highly valuable.”


2) Data mine and time:

Use data to inform your timing.

“Offer up the best of the best at the right time to increase viewability and sharability.”


3) Keep stories alive:

Think about the algorithms behind tools like Facebook that can drive traffic back to your website…

“Think about the math behind everything you do.”


4) Roll in the deep:

Use search insights to discover unmet needs and mix up the length of your content for different audiences.

“Transmedia storytelling is the way forward.”



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