Why Curation Is Important to the Future of Journalism 

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Excerpted from the article:   “The concept of curating news is not new. One can look to the supply-chain process of a news organization to see that several roles (editor, managing editor, etc.) have curation as a core competency; that is, the organizing of information filed by reporters into a deliverable packages for readers.   But with the push of social media and advancements in communications technology, the curator has become a journalist by proxy. They are not on the front lines, covering a particular beat or industry, or filing a story themselves, but they are responding to a reader need. With a torrent of content emanating from innumerable sources.   Curators help navigate readers through the vast ocean of content, and while doing so, create a following based on several factors: trust, taste and tools.   Unlike a reporter who is immersed in a particular industry or beat, a curator (as me) often has a day job. Some are in the media industry and have access to their publication’s news sources; others are obsessed with the news and want to provide their network, community or followers with what they think is important. But the common thread between curators is that they are viewed as trustworthy sources of information.

Curators should have more freedoms than traditional reporters in a couple senses, in that part of the appeal of good curation is that it carries the person’s footprint. Opinion isn’t really a bad thing, and in fact gives the content shape in this context.”    Read full article http://j.mp/w3YA65  [Curated by Guillaume Decugis – further editing by Giuseppe Mauriello]  
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