Value Of Curation Comes Identifying Patterns And Synthesizing Information Overload Into Practical Business Advice

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Excerpted from article intro written by Lee Odden:   “A big part of what I do as an Internet Marketer centers around being able to consume large amounts of information or better, the right information, synthesizing it and using insights to help others make sense of the challenges and opportunities they face with marketing on the web.   Simply finding and sharing news ala basic ”curation” is a cheap commodity. Value comes from identifying bigger picture patterns and synthesizing that information into practical business advice. I like what Christian Adams said in a G+ thread, “When you have information overload across multiple channels you start to pick up on common threads and trending topics”. This is the essence of curation that creates value and there’s no substitute for human filtering.   As a professional, it’s essential for you to filter signal from a mass of noise to grow expertise in your core discipline as well as others. The question is, where do you get the information to stay current? How do you filter out the noise?   While some people still use RSS via Google Reader, usage of the traditional RSS feed has been displaced by Twitter lists, Google+ circles and more so what Shel Holtz called “curated collections” like what you can find at SmartBrief and PR Daily newsletters. Other curated news services mentioned include, Percolate,, Pulse, FlipBoard.   Here are a few of the things that I do to stay current: 1. Read social feeds & email… 2. Meet with my right hand marketer… 3. Meet with our group of Account Managers…”   [read full article]    Curated by Giuseppe Mauriello